1. Your Time to Log Off
Make this 45 all about YOU by logging off and shutting down the outside world. Before entering the studio, make sure your cell phone is silenced and stored away in a locker. Please put all smart watches on theater mode.
2. The Moves Speak For Themselves 
We love enthusiasm and neighborly love, but let’s keep the conversation flowing after we hop off the bikes so as to not distract the rest of the class. A good “woo!” and cheering, however, is always encouraged.
3. Let’s Get in Formation
The music moves us and we’re all about the vibe as we match our rhythm. If you ride to your own beat, no worries, just try to choose a bike towards the back of the room. Caution: our music is unedited and unfiltered, just like us.
4. Ride and Vibe
We love riding close to each other and bringing the best energy, but make sure you take care of yourself before riding so everyone can enjoy their workout without any stinky distractions.
We’re all here for the same reason: to get the best workout with the best community. Above all, please be respectful to fellow riders, studio staff, and yourself. We lock the doors at the start of class to respect everyone’s time. Please be on your bike at least 2 minutes before class starts so we can make sure you’re able to clip in and you’re secure on your bike. We rise by lifting each other up!