We take our time to help you set up your bike, teach you proper form and hand positions. We want to make sure you know how to have a good workout and then the fun begins! This class is designed for spinners who have taken 0-5 classes or anyone wanting to go back to basics. We will notate your bike position, so it’s less for you to worry about the next time you’re in class.

This is a 30 min class, with a 15 min set up in the beginning. If you know your set up please feel free to arrive 15 minutes after the start of class. We will have extra instructors during this class to make sure everyone gets the attention they need to have a great workout. We want to be sure you’ll enjoy yourself and come back to party with us!

This is a fast paced, traditional spin class with mixes of interval, strength and speed training to optimize calorie burn and improve aerobic capacity. Appropriate for anyone looking to improve their cardio and build lean muscle. Think HIIT training on the bike; rounds of short, yet intense bursts of work and a round of hand weights (optional), followed by brief periods of recovery.

This class will bring the heat. With intense heavy climbs, along with a couple rounds of hand weights (optional) your body you will definitely get a full Body Burn!

Ready for a great workout while having a BLAST?! Get ready to PARTY with this high ENERGY, total body cardio ride that will leave you sweating and bopping to the beat! This ride involves a little more choreography, but we always give modifications. This is YOUR RIDE!