spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location


Hey there #CCFAM, Coach Megs here. Welcome to the best community in St. Pete! We are so excited to have you, whether you’re new to spin or a seasoned rider, your experience at Central is meant to meet you exactly where you’re at. What I love so much about what we’ve built at CC is the ability to continue to grow and challenge ourselves, even after being a part of this community for EIGHT YEARS! We continue to push, to elevate and create new experiences within our space. The minute you walk in our door, you should be ready to put the world behind and focus on showing up and showing out, FOR YOU. I’ll CC you in the spin room team CC ARE YOU WITH ME?
spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location

Director of Coach Development

Hi, Team! My name is Stephanie, but most of you know me as Coco! A small portion of you will also know me as a former Tina Turner and Michael Jackson impersonator, Country singer, Pro Football Player, Fitness/Figure Pro and Coach, and CMT reality TV personality…these are just a few jobs you’d see on my résumé. So, how the hell did we get to riding on a stationary bike?! Long story, but I’m SO thrilled this is where we ended up – together in a dark room with loud music!! My goal in every class is to not only give you throwbacks that you know every word to with a little ratchet sprinkled in, but to also push you to a limit you wouldn’t normally reach on your own while still watching you leave that dark room feeling accomplished and proud of the work you’ve done! In this room, things will get tough. When that time comes, all I ask is that you get tougher because the worst pain often leads to the best changes in you! Every single time – Show Up and Show Out!

spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location

Chloë Wallace

Hey there CC…I’m Chloë! I began my coaching journey in 2018 teaching group fitness. Fast forward to 2020, I made a big move to Florida from Michigan and have been at Central Cycling ever since! Through my years as a coach, I’ve learned that it’s not just about the workout — it’s about the connections we make and the encouragement we give each other to be our best selves. During class, I always strive for everyone to feel comfortable enough to push their limits while embracing new challenges!

A few fun facts about myself is that I’m a recent USF graduate (go bulls!) with a bachelor’s degree in ASL Interpreting and Deaf Studies. I have a 2 year old pup named Stanley, who I absolutely adore! And when I’m not moving at CC, I love a good yoga or pilates class!

I feel so lucky to be able to share my passion for movement with this amazing community! CC ya in the studio!

spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location

Alyssa Kent

Alyssa Kent is a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer with 10+ years of experience in group fitness, competitive sports, professional cheerleading for the NHL and boxing. Alyssa will be joining as our newest team member. Alyssa is a powerful force in the local fitness community and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. She is inspired daily by her mom who serves the veteran community as a nurse and caregiver. In her free time, Alyssa likes to box, run competitive races and spend time with her family at Disney.

spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location

Lauren Smith

Hey Hey CC! Coach Lauren here! A little bit about me…I was born and raised in Tampa, FL but made my way to beautiful sunny St. Pete in October of 2021. I am completely obsessed with this city and this growing community! Throughout my life I’ve always prioritized staying active and healthy. I used to be a competitive swimmer, dancer and weightlifter. I fell in love with spin back in 2017 (mostly because moving to music on a bike felt more like therapy than a workout). I took my first class at CC in November of 2021, made my way to the podium in March of 2023, and haven’t looked back since! My classes are a welcome and safe space for all levels! You can expect high energy, fun & creative choreo, and an overall challenging but uplifting experience! Hope to CC you soon!

spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location

Romone Bowens

What’s up CC?! I’m Romone aka “Ro”! I’m proud to say that I’m born and raised here in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL! It’s been such joy watching this city continuously evolve and grow. Outside of being a coach at Central Cycling I am a licensed physical therapist assistant! Which I’ve been doing since 2015. I have deeply LOVED being able to help people reach their goals and regain their strength, function and independence.

My journey with CC has been a beautiful one. I started riding at CC in January 2022 and was a “somewhat” quiet rider in the back row. As my skill improved and I grew more confident, I gradually made my way to the front row. And soon became one of CC’s resident “Woo”-ers! An in-house cheerleader of sorts. I’ve built great connections with so many interesting, kind, warm and unique people since coming here. And being candid, CC has helped me personally through darker moments in my life. Specifically, Coco helped me get through so much simply by showing up, showing out

spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location

Kayla Somoano

Hi, CC! I’m Kayla. I took my first spin class when I was 14 and immediately knew I wanted to teach. I’ve been coaching for a few years now and am more obsessed than ever. Some more about me: I’m in law school, I love exercise, reading, cooking, trying new foods, and spending quality time with family and friends. I believe that movement and community are the keys to a full and happy life. I also believe that we all have a huge well of untapped potential and it takes deliberately doing hard things in a fun and supportive environment to uncover it.

In my classes, you can expect to hear big beats, whether that’s EDM, remixes of your fav songs, hip hop, and the occasional pop song. You’ll get a great workout, but there will also be singing, cheering, clapping, dancing, and an overall uplifting vibe. There’s something incredibly special and cathartic about moving to cool music in a dark room with some of the most dedicated and genuine people you’ve ever met. (That was me trying to sum up my favorite thing in one long sentence.) To really understand the magic, you’ll just have to come and try it!

spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location

Alexa Moccia

Hey guys! I’m Alexa, and I’m excited to be your newest face at CC! I first fell in love with indoor cycling back in 2014 when I took my first class with my parents, and the rest was history! I started teaching in Boston a few years later, where I grew up and went to school… and then continued my cycling journey in Tampa when I moved down in 2016. But as we all know, this is the better side of the bridge and I can’t wait to create some magic in that room with you! In my classes you can expect some heavy pushes, fun choreo, and lots of hip hop. Outside of CC you can find me at Sunshine City Dentistry creating beautiful smiles, or out and about in our amazing city! I have two rescue dogs, Bear and Mocha, who you may see me running on the pier or through Vinoy… but who’s really running who? I love spending time exploring new coffee shops and restaurants in DTSP, or relaxing on the beach with a great book!

spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location

Brandon Dysard

It’s your boy B, and I am back, back, BACK AGAIN….and better than ever! I’ve been reppin’ the CC FAM since 2017, and I am beyond excited for the opportunity to take my PEP back to the podium. As a high school and college cheerleader with a passion for performance and movement, spin is the perfect way for me to bring it on. I have an eclectic taste in music, so it’s always a kiki at CC when I’m in charge of the dance party. When I’m not sweating it out with y’all on the bike, you can find me spending quality time with my pups, creating community through volunteerism and fundraising, and exploring the beautiful city of St Pete, where inspiration and motivation is the vibe. Speaking of vibes…book that bike and LETS RIDE!!!

spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location

Megan Davidson

CC fam! It’s Megan D. I’m a St. Pete transplant originally from Huntsville, Alabama. I’m a mom to a 4-year-old (Jules), 2 sweet dogs (Harry and Chloe), and a wife to my amazing husband (Chandler). Outside of CC, you can catch me running around Gulfport, drinking coffee at Bandit, or enjoying the beautiful sunshine on the beach.

I fell in love with cycling about 6 years ago. I began my journey as a back row queen and now, I’ve moved all the way up to the podium! Eventually, my passion for cycling and community grew and led me to the best studio in the country- Central Cycling. I slid into CC’s DMs to ride with a guest instructor (Kristina Girod) and the rest is history!

My goal for you in class is for you to have fun and for you to feel stronger and more empowered! Let’s step outside our comfort zones together and dance on the bike, CC!
spin studio athletes standing in front of Central Cycling downtown St Pete location

Shelby Wing
Coach Cadet

Hey CC! Your girl Shelby coming at you as a Minnesota girl by heart. My husband Jordan and I were relocated here for work in 2022. Luckily we ended up finding our new home right in CCs back yard, so if you’re not catching me in the studio, you’ll likely see me walking around with my german shepherd Lola at the cafes, bars, and shops on Central!

Fitness has never come naturally to me for most of my life, but rhythm always has. The first time I took a beat based class I knew I had to keep doing this and couldn’t wait to teach. After finding and teaching at some great “gyms” and “studios”, it wasn’t until I came to CC that I realized how much I needed an amazing community too. CC has helped lift me up when I needed it most and I plan on being that same light for you all in each of my classes. Let’s be imperfectly bad ass together, I can’t wait to party with y’all!!